How to get Punch emote in Stumble Guys

Have you noticed some special mechanics in Stumble Guys? Probably not! Most of the players are unaware of these mechanics. They just focus on the game and try their best to take the lead and get ahead of their competitors. However, these particular actions might benefit you by distracting the momentum of your rivals by punching and grabbing them off the field.

Since every player has the same goal of reaching the finish line first, movements are controlled via joysticks and jump buttons, usually used for diving and sliding. These concealed actions can only be performed through a specific emote that a paid Stumble pass can unlock. 

Punch emote

As you know, this is a long hectic marathon, full of various challenges and hardships that players need to surpass to stay on the field and qualify for the final elimination round. Despite the gameplay being the same for all players, the more skilled one will have an edge. Although you have already seen some of your rivals performing unique acts with the help of a special emotes, hardly 10% of players own an unlocked battle pass.

If these unique players get the chance, they will knock you out when they get a chance, so you must be alert and cautious when they are around. Emotes are a medium of interaction for players; they can use different emotes to convey their message. This punch emote boost your confidence level and allow you to compete with their best performance.

It must be fascinating for you guys to know that this will significantly increase your chances of winning. Let’s uncover this secret. There are two special emotes of which most of the audience is ignorant,

  1. Punch emote
  2. Hug emote

Punch emote

The game does not explicitly explain how to punch in stumble guys, but you can check it out once you’ve unlocked the Stumble Pass. The punching emotes, a boxing glove placed on the head of the avatar, seem a cause of concern for opponents. It works best when you run with your fellow participants side by side. It allows you to knock out your most ferocious opponents with a simple punch, even though it will consume some of your time while getting rid of the most dangerous opponents, especially when you are running around your competitors, getting close to them, and knocking them out by punching. 

punch emote

Hug emote

A special heart emote used to hug nearby players and help them to get from one point to another, usually in front of a cliff, crossing the obstacles and hurdles to reach the end line. The best way to beat any difficult stage is to get close to the player who has been unlocked with the heart emote. There is no need to waste any time on overcoming that particular point. These special emotes are usually accessible by those who have stumble pass unlocked, players with these battle pass have a fair advantage over other competitors as it will allow them to beat and knockout the most dominating constestants.

hug emote
Stumble Guys Special Emotes

Furthermore, there is also a unique emote called the shoe to emote, in which you can knock out any opponent if he gets in your way. It would be best if you were careful while using this emote, only slide when you are close to your target and make sure you are sliding in the right direction. Otherwise, it may sometimes cause you to lose a match.

Final words

That’s all about the hidden mechanics; the only thing you need is an unlocked stumble pass, which can be unlocked with the gems you earn by winning the tournament or watching ads daily. You can watch five ads daily to gain a considerable amount of gems, or you need to have a firm grip on the controls to avoid falling and get close to victory. If you need gems desperately, you can purchase them with real money. These simple tips and tricks will ultimately lead you to achieve the maximum gems. You can also check out our article on how to always win by clicking on this link.

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