How to Get Free Gems in Stumble Guys 2023

Although it sounds inconceivable to get free gems in Stumble guys, there are some organic ways through which you can earn this game currency without spending a single penny from your pocket. If you think that it might be about any hack or unethical method to receive these gems in your wallet, you don’t need to worry; these are straightforward and ordinary methods that you can easily use and drive the maximum benefit from.

There must be some game currency in any game, whether it be coins, gems, cash, etc. To scrutinize the game’s features thoroughly, you are required to have that additional attributes unlocked on your device, and the only way to unlock them is by acquiring and earning the utmost gems. Let’s discuss in brief what you can get through these valuable gems.

free gems

There is no doubt that Stumble Guys is loved and received an overwhelming response from many players and made its way to the top of the list of most played and downloaded games of 2023. You can experience many premium features by unlocking them, like various skins, engaging emotes, different characters with distinct powers, and footprints to improve your gameplay and make your appearance unique.

There are exclusive battle passes available in most other games that are mostly paid, giving you additional value. Getting these exclusive packs will cost you money because you have to purchase them through gems, but they will unlock any character, skin, or footmark you like. Let’s reveal the secret of how to get free gems in Stumble guys 2023 without any further delay.

Note: As you are well aware to unlock Stumble guys you need a considerable amount of gems in your game account. We have discussed in one of our articles how you can get a stumble pass, visit this link to check it out!

Methods to get free gems

These are some basic and essential methods to get free gems in Stumble Guys. With the help of our team of experts, we’ve come up with some of the easiest ways and tricks for earning free stumble guys gems, thus answering your questions.

  • When your match completes, you will see an option to watch a video; click that button to earn extra gems.
  • A second and most common way to earn free gems is by watching ads, and you can watch a limited number of ads daily to acquire gems.
  • It seems a bit time-consuming, but it works! You need to read different ebooks on “Dreame” to collect coins which you can later use to redeem gems in Stumble guys. Probably, this will suit those who have a habit of reading in their spare time.
  • Alternatively, you can get gems by inviting friends and family to use social platforms like Tiktok and KWAI and requesting them to do specific actions that help you earn gems. What is the reason these social platforms will pay you? You will be paid to refer others to their app and boost their downloads.
  • Get more gems by winning a tournament. If you think you are a competent Pro player, you can test your skills by participating in tournaments, and if you win, you will receive considerable gems.
  • Gamers rarely use this method because they are unaware of it; you can procure game currency with the help of specific applications like the Money app and Quize. By answering the questions and completing the required tests and actions in the money app, you will receive real virtual money, which can be converted into gems to unlock paid features. As it makes sense by its name Quize, you have to solve queries and answer the following questions related to general knowledge. Isn’t it easy to do? You will be rewarded if you give the correct answer in the form of coins you can exchange with balance.
  • The CASHIZINE app allows you to acquire points and then exchange them with money by reading articles. Whether you enjoy reading articles or not doesn’t matter. If you do not wish to read articles, open them for a specified time, and you’ll receive a reward from CASHIZINE.

As most players opt for a shortcut method to earn gems and unlock the premium features of the game, our team has decided to research the easiest ways of how to get free gems in Stumble Guys. Neither apkmirror, apkpure, modcombo nor an1 can provide you with these cheats.

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