How to Play Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is an online multiplayer survival game where you can play with your buddies and experience the hilarious contest together. There are numerous maps with varying degrees of complexity and obstacles; any map may appear at any time, making it impossible for you to choose it on your own. Thus, the main goal is to reach the end line by sidestepping all the interruptions and distractions before your competitors to get ranked in the top 16.

In this survival action game, the one who survives till last and reaches the finish line first will be rewarded in the shape of gems, money that you can utilize to unlock premium properties like skins, emotes, and stumble passes. All participants start the race from a standard starting point, dodging and avoiding a variety of bizarre obstacles to get ahead. One aspect of this game that fascinates users is that if you fall, you don’t have to start from the beginning; there are checkpoints to keep the hopes of winning alive.

How to play Stumble guys

Whenever a game is discussed, the first thing any user wants to know is: how easy it is to control. A player needs to get information on how the interface looks and controls work before practicing them. Let’s unveil the guide on how to play stumble guys, without wasting any time.

Guide on how to play Stumble Guys

  • It requires a stable internet connection. Once you launch the app on your mobile device and arrive at the game’s interface, you will see a mini-guy in a t-shirt and pants wearing a hat welcoming you.
  • Click on the play button in the bottom right corner to get started. It will take a while for all 32 players to connect to the game. A random map will load and appear on your screen after some seconds, as shown in the picture below.
  • Get ready for your match; it will start on a countdown of 3, 2, 1. A simple two-button control system is provided on display; I appreciate the developer’s efforts to make it simple and easy to use. To control the movement of your avatar, a joystick is located on the bottom left corner of the screen, and the second button is on the bottom right side, the shape of an arrow in the UP direction, indicating a jump action. It is used to surpass hurdles and move ahead of your opponents. One button to move, and the other one supports the character to jump and slide the obstructions. Additionally, you can boost your momentum by double-tapping the jump button and flying in mid-air to succeed and occupy the winning title. However, it will not help when you are in a muddy area.
  • As you pass different stages, the difficulty of qualifying increases, and eventually, only a few will qualify; the remainder will be eliminated.
  • You can download the latest version of this game by clicking on this link.

How to Play Stumble Guys on Pc

Our team has now made it possible for all of you to enjoy the endless racing competition of stumble boys on your Pc at your leisure. The hilarious gameplay of this game can also be enjoyed on the desktop if you’re not interested in gaming on a mobile device. A large number of gamers do not own mobile phones, especially users of age between 12 to 16 who usually play games on desktops. We have made it easier for them to experience this beautiful and funny gameplay on Pc. These elementary steps will allow you to play stumble guys on Pc.

The download procedure of Stumble Guys was discussed in our previous post; if you wish to download it, read that post, we have provided the link here for your convenience. Android emulator allows you to download any android apps on your Pc. We are assuming that you have installed the game on your desktop, so let’s discuss the following segment: how to play it on the keyboard.

  • Once you have installed the emulator, we will do the configurations.
  • Search for keyboard configuration in the toolbar section, where you will see many options for a keyboard setup.
  • Elect the D-Pad option that is used for player movement.
  • To create the jump key, click on the right side and press the space bar.
  • The Last step is to save the changes that you have made. Nothing more, you have done your keyboard configuration, and now you can start and experience the entertaining world of Stumble Guys.
how to play Stumble guys on PC

Final words

Hopefully, these simple steps and instructions will clear all your queries and confusion and allow you to play a better contest. Still, if you encounter any trouble, don’t hesitate and please let us know!


  1. Can you play Stumble guys on Pc?

    Yes, You can enjoy this hilarious game on Pc by reading the above article. If you are looking to play this game with an android emulator, there are some renowned emulators, such as Bluestack.

  2. Can I play stumble guys on a keyboard?

    Yes, you can; almost all commands are the same and easy to pick with the full support of the keyboard. You can set any hotkeys on which you feel convenient.

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