How to Get Special Skins in Stumble Guys

Stumble guys is a type of game that fulfills the need of every generation because of its unique attributes. It has made many fans worldwide over time and is now rated in the top chart of the hit list. The game is designed so that its users can modify or customize their character in the way they want; this is one of the most significant factors contributing to this game’s success. Although the option of customization now can be seen in every other game, however in this game, you can do much more to make it more engaging.

Let’s get back to our main topic to understand how to get the best skins in Stumble Guys. Most contestants focus only on techniques they can use to achieve a sense of accomplishment. Others want to look unique and become the center of attraction in the eyes of rivals.

Players with unique skin have more self-confidence because now they think themselves superior to others and perform accordingly. This act becomes a matter of concern for the players; since they consider these players more skilled, they may avoid running next to them to avoid failure. This deed will inspire many players to play with their full potential, struggle to win the most games, and ultimately collect more gems.

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List of Special skins

  • Ninja skin
  • Gladiator skin
  • Alien skin
  • Robot skin
  • Samurai skin
  • Santa Claus’s skin
  • Police skin
  • Dynamitron skin
  • Inferno dragon skin

Stumble guys skin png

Have a look on above Stumble guys skin png to know how these skins looks like. Stumble guys skins are basically fall into multiple folds like common, rare, epic and legendary. Though the chances of getting these special skins are low, who is lucky enough to get these valuable skins to have a unique appearance and enhance a player’s image? You can use several ways to get these exceptional skins that not only enhance your appearance but also significantly impact your competitors. You can get these skins either by paying or for free. Here we will discuss both ways, so it is up to you what suits you best.

First, if we talk about a free method, it is straightforward, and you can get free skins either by lucky spin or claiming it as a prize by winning a tournament. You can spin five times a day; consequently, 24% chances are there to get these premium skins. Even sometimes, the developer of this game can give you a gift of special skins if you participate in various contests. Moreover, you can watch five ads daily to get maximum free gems, which you can exchange later for special outfits for your character.

Even though it is not accessible for every player to have these stumble guys special skins, you need to effort a bit and follow these essential guides. As we discussed the free way to get these special skins earlier, let’s talk about the paid ones. This can be done if you have enough cash in your wallet to purchase gems; now, you can unlock any skin you want. Despite the fact that few people follow this method, everyone tries to get these exclusive items for free. To get unlimited gems, you can also download the hack of unlimited free gems. Although this may sound unethical, greed forced them to get all the items unlocked and look professional to others. A true passionate gamer can not resist himself to use these premium features, so they go for a hack.

Stumble Guys special skin

How to get a Guaranteed Special Skins

Do you know there is only 1% chance of getting Special skins like Dynamitron, inferno dragon, gladiator and so on. Here we have came up with an amazing trick that worked most of the times to get these precious skins. Now that we have unveiled this secret, it is time for you guys to put on these skins so that you can also experience the thrill of playing this intense tournament. Just follow these few steps and acquire these skins,

  • First equipped legendary skin with default skin colour.
  • Click on Shop and Select Skins section.
  • Now you have to tap on epic skins pack again and again until the same skin appear which you have equipped in first step. It might take some time but it will 100% work.
  • Spin the lucky wheel once you have reached your desired skin in Step 3.
  • That’s it! enjoy your lucky draw of special skin. This trick will work in most of the cases, follow the steps properly for best result.

When a player has a different outlook, he will be watched by every other runner. Most participants try to follow in his footsteps as they consider him more efficient. Players get motivated and inspired by the extraordinary appearance of players wearing these unique skins. To unlock the additional features of this game, runners strive harder and play with greater dedication in order to acquire maximum gems. These fundamental aspects of the game typically bind users to continue being enthralled by the gameplay and new upgrades, and access to new skins.

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