Stumble Guys New Map 2023

It is a racing sport that has become a focus of attention and is praised by many users for its fantastic gameplay and the latest updates of Stumble guys new map. This sport is designed with high-quality 3d graphics and a user-friendly interface; simple and easy control makes it more engaging. There are a variety of different maps; each map consists of different stages.

Moreover, each map features different challenges and obstacles and is designed differently, which engages many users. In this way, players can hone and involve each outline with the shifting course of trouble and consequently be utilized to modern challenges and test their abilities in different conditions.

In a recent update of 20th December 2022, Stumble guys announced a collaboration with Hot Wheels, an iconic vehicle brand, to bring some new features and innovation to the gameplay. Stumble guys hot wheels map has been receiving very positive feedback since players can now compete in a different style and experience unique gameplay in the mode of car racing.. This driving mode boosts the player’s intrigue and attracts many users to undergo this racing track once because of its hell exciting route and challenging hurdles.

Stumble guys new map

What makes this game more appealing, and why should you download this game? Its developer has taken special care to ensure that this game provides its users with an engaging and peerless playing experience. A key factor of stumble guys, which stimulates the most, is that KITKA games keep modernizing and revamping this sport not to let their users feel isolated and dispassionate. These regular updates, just like Stumble Guys new maps, make the players curious about what the next addition is going to be made by the developer to make the game more exciting.

The majority of games contain only one map or arena, causing players to become bored of playing the same map more often. This is the primary reason players lose interest and become detached. To address this gap, the publisher of this game maintains some advancements with time to hold users’ attention.

Each match can be played on various incredible maps and terrain, which makes it phenomenal in platform and indie game genres. There are numerous maps with diverse content, adding entertainment and varying difficulties to keep players engaged, making the user experience unbeatable.

Approximately 23 different maps can be encountered in Stumble guys with diverse scenarios, and this article will provide you with a complete list.

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Stumble Guys All Maps List

  • Hot Wheels – In this map, players will encounter a distinct mode of racing, players have to compete with car and cross the finish line to claim the winning reward.
  • Honey drops – Survival round where honeycomb-shaped tiles collapse when stepped on.
  • Tile fall – a qualifying stage in which tiles fall when any player tries to cross the route to reach the finish line.
  • Space race – In this round, players run and jump with lower gravity in the galaxy from one point to another.
  • Bombardment – an arena situated in the middle of the sea and is being bombed until the last one stands.
  • Under and Over – Challenging stage where horizontal and vertical bars work as an obstruction and also knock you out.
  • Icy heights – marathon on the icy slippery surface with different obstacle courses.
  • Cannon climb – a tough round with cannon balls firing at players and stopping you to reach the top of the mountain.
  • Lava rush – a volcanic view riddled with lava and fireballs that seem hazardous.
  • Spin go around – a map full of hurdles, consisting of spinning hazards and giant balls.
  • Humble Stumble – this stage consists of jump pads, moving obstacles, and trampolines.
  • Pivot Push – this arena has more blockages in form of rotating doors and swinging hammers.
  • Laser tracer – a circular arena where players have to dodge lasers by jumping over them.
  • Jungle roll – it is located in a jungle where the main hurdles are rotating logs.
  • Block dash – it is considered as the most difficult survival map, stone blocks slide across the arena to knock you out.
  • Floor Flip – In this round there are rotating slides surface that can move in any direction depending on the load each side carries.
  • Rocket Rumble – there are several flag posts that you have to capture to score points, jump button replaces with a shoot button where your players shoot from a bazooka to hold maximum flags.
  • Paint Splash – An obstacle course, consisting of a paint roller located at different points, their role is to knock you down and throwback.
  • Lost Temple – Situated in a desert temple, obstacles like poking spears, large blocks, and rolling logs that act as a barrier in your journey.
  • Super Slide – it is a slightly different map with a long water slide containing other hurdles like bars and whirlpools.
  • Lava land – In this arena, you have to avoid falling into the river of lava and survive till last.
  • Stumble Soccer – there are 3 huge footballs that you have to take to the goalpost and guard your goalpost to avoid the opponents taking the lead.
  • Bot Bash – players have to survive in a circular field with a few robots that slide and push them to fall.

The maps keep updating as new versions of stumble guys are released; the latest version has 2 new maps that have been added to let the players play on cloud Nine. These are the two new maps that comes in 0.42.2 version.

  • Jungle roll
  • Block dash

Jungle roll

jungle roll

This round necessitates the player’s complete focus and attention to overcome the impending interruptions and hurdles. The game challenges players to demonstrate what they have to succeed at their best. The spinning logs are riddled with barriers, pitfalls, and other hazards, making the terrain difficult for players to travel. You will face a wooden bridge over the sea with several handicaps and blockades rotating clockwise and anticlockwise directions to make crossing difficult. Only skilled and potent players can cross this bridge in one go, as you must move in the opposite direction of the bridge’s rotation while avoiding all interruptions. It has many hilarious falls, so you must be careful while jumping and sliding.

Block dash

block dash

It is one of the most challenging fields to cross. In Block Dash, players are placed on a small rectangular platform. As you move towards the bottom of the stage, block formations will sweep across, forcing you to jump over them. If you fail to do so, it will make you fall and be eliminated from the contest. Although some blocks can easily be crossed, some blocks are taller and difficult to pass; you have to use your mind when to jump and dive to chase these blocks. Don’t panic! And try to reach the possible safest point to avoid traps. Try a gamepad for improved performance because it enables more precise movement control. Learn more about how to play Stumble Guys on a gamepad and the advantages it offers by clicking this link.

Last words

Are you confident that you have got what it takes to win? To claim the winning prizes, you have to be sharp as a needle; there are several rounds with varying hardships testing your skills and experience. This is enough for now; keep an eye out for any updates, and let us know if you have any questions or queries. Stay tuned for any update of Stumble guys new maps. Hopefully, this article will be valuable in your eyes and allow you to aware of the latest updates. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many maps are there in Stumble Guys?

    There are approximately 23 maps that player can encounter in Stumble Guys with different set of challenges and hurdles.

  • What are the best maps in Stumble Guys?

    We have concluded based on the review stats report that these are the 5 maps that received the most feedback from the stumble community.
    1- Hot wheels
    2-Block Dash
    3-Paint splash
    4-Honey Drop
    5-Space Race

  • Which is the hardest map in Stumble Guys?

    There is no doubt that block dash ranks as the toughest survival round since it usually appears in the final elimination round with a lot of bizarre obstacles and hardships.

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