Stumble Guys New Map 2024

It is a racing video game that has become a focus of attention and is praised by many users for its fantastic gameplay and the latest updates of Stumble guys new map. There are now a multitude of exciting levels to explore in Stumble Guys Maps, from jungles to deserts, cities to space, players can now explore them in an exciting new way. This game is designed with high-quality 3d graphics and a user-friendly interface; simple and easy control makes it more engaging. There are a variety of different maps; each map has its own obstacle courses and difficulty level.

These are the Stumble Guys new maps released in last update to maintain user engagement and offer players new challenges and environments to avoid boredom.

  • Stumble Up
  • Monopoly Rush
  • Crab’s Landing
  • Super Waterpark
  • Ice Caramba

Previously, Stumble guys has introduced 2 new maps , Abduction Avenue and Stumble Grove. Both of the maps have different and challenging obstacle courses to test players skills.

  • Abduction Avenue: is a city-themed map where players must avoid being abducted by aliens. This map has unique obstacles that includes moving cars, flying saucers, and laser beams. It seems quite tricky, players have to be cautious and have a good grip on controls to cross these traps.
  • Stumble Grove: is a forest-themed map where players must navigate a series of trees and obstacles in order to reach the finish line. In this map players should have quick reflexes to avoid falling from various hazards like slippery logs, spinning saw blades, and falling rocks.

Additionally, each map has different obstacles and challenges, and each round requires different strategies, such as standing to the end while other stages require you to qualify first. In this way, players can hone and involve each outline with the shifting course of trouble and consequently be utilized to modern challenges and test their abilities in different conditions.

The majority of games contain only one map or arena, causing players to become bored of playing the same map more often. This is the primary reason players lose interest and become detached. To address this gap, the publisher of this game maintains some advancements with time to hold users’ attention.

In an update of 20th December 2022, Stumble guys announced a collaboration with Hot Wheels, an iconic vehicle brand, to bring some new features and innovation to the gameplay. A collaboration between Stumble Guys and Hot Wheels was launched under the name Stumble Guys Hot Wheels. New costumes and power-ups are included in the collaboration, as well as a new map called Hot Wheels Hustle.

Stumble guys hot wheels map has been receiving very positive feedback since players can now compete in a different style and experience unique gameplay in the mode of car racing. This driving mode boosts the playerโ€™s intrigue and attracts many users to undergo this racing track once because of its hell exciting route and challenging hurdles.

There were 214.7 million unique TikTok users in Brazil who participated in the #StumbleWheels hashtag challenge, which attracted 2.4 billion video views and 201 million likes. Let me tell you one more interesting news that many players have starts engaging in new party mode of Stumble Guys just because of this collab.

Stumble guys hot wheels

What makes this game more appealing, and why should you download this game? The developer of this game has taken special care to ensure that this game provides its users with an engaging and peerless playing experience. A key factor of stumble guys, which stimulates the most, is that KITKA games keep modernizing and revamping this sport not to let their users feel isolated and dispassionate. These regular updates, just like Stumble Guys new maps, make the players curious about what the next addition is going to be made by the developer to make the game more exciting.

Each match can be played on various incredible maps and terrain, which makes it phenomenal in platform and indie game genres. There are numerous maps with diverse content, adding entertainment and varying difficulties to keep players engaged, making the user experience unbeatable.

Approximately 26 different maps can be encountered in Stumble guys with diverse scenarios, and this article will provide you with a complete list. These maps are divided into three categories:

  • Race to Finish: These maps are all about reaching the finish line as quickly as possible.
  • Solo Elimination: These maps are sudden death, and the last player standing wins.
  • Team Elimination: These maps involve two teams competing against each other. The team with the most players remaining at the end of the round wins.

Note: If you are really excited to play all these entertaining rounds with all premium features unlocked, download the Stumble guys mod APK to have an access to all locked features.

Stumble Guys All Maps

Stumble guys all maps
  • Super Bowl Scramble
  • Crab’s Landing
  • Super waterpark
  • Ice Caramba
  • Monopoly Rush
  • Paint Splash
  • Laser Tracer
  • Block Dash
  • Honey Drop
  • Bombardment
  • Space Race
  • Spin Go Round
  • Treasure Island
  • Lava Land
  • Lava Rush
  • Icy Heights
  • Lost Temple
  • Humble Stumble
  • Jungle Roll
  • Cannon Climb
  • Pivot Push
  • Block Dash

Stumble Guys Maps Name and Guide

Letโ€™s talk about some of the most-played maps in Stumble Guys to help our users how they can increase their chances of winning the tournament. The players must be aware of the ins and outs of different rounds to take maximum advantage.


jungle roll

This round necessitates the player’s complete focus and attention to overcome the impending interruptions and hurdles. The game challenges players to demonstrate what they have to succeed at their best. The spinning logs are riddled with barriers, pitfalls, and other hazards, making the terrain difficult for players to travel. You will face a wooden bridge over the sea with several handicaps and blockades rotating clockwise and anticlockwise directions to make crossing difficult. Only skilled and potent players can cross this bridge in one go, as you must move in the opposite direction of the bridge’s rotation while avoiding all interruptions. It has many hilarious falls, so you must be careful while jumping and sliding.

Block dash

block dash

It is one of the most challenging fields to cross. In Block Dash, players are placed on a small rectangular platform. As you move towards the bottom of the stage, block formations will sweep across, forcing you to jump over them. If you fail to do so, it will make you fall and be eliminated from the contest. Although some blocks can easily be crossed, some blocks are taller and difficult to pass; you have to use your mind when to jump and dive to chase these blocks. Don’t panic! And try to reach the possible safest point to avoid traps. Try a gamepad for improved performance because it enables more precise movement control. Learn more about how to play Stumble Guys on a gamepad and the advantages it offers by clicking this link.

Rush Hour

Rush hour

It is a large, open map with a variety of obstacles and hazards, including moving cars, spinning platforms, and slippery surfaces. Players must use their skills and agility to navigate the map and reach the finish line. The map is full of hazards, so it is important to be aware of where you are going and what is around you. There are moving cars on the map that can knock players off their feet. Moreover, slippery surface will make it difficult for players to maintain balance.


In this particular map, perfect execution of control is required to dodge obstacles. The map name itself defines how you have to respond and this is the only way to avoid them either by jumping over them or running under them. In the first half, players will usually encounter the horizontal bars moving up and down and they have to decide whether to jump over them or wait till the bars move up and run under them to cross this level.
As you proceed you will face vertical bars moving quickly in a grid pattern across rails, at this moment your real patience is tested because these bars are continuously moving at the same speed making it difficult for the player to get through this trap. Patience is the only key to progress at this stage, watch these bars carefully and run or jump at the right time to avoid falling and elimination.


Icy height

A slippery icy surface makes this arena a hazard to any player, as most players struggled to maintain their balance. Players often bump into each other on the slippery surface, causing them to fall, which leads to elimination. To avoid these failures, control your characterโ€™s movement and pass the snowy hills and rocks by jumping smoothly. These kinds of rounds are too much challenging so you need to practice hard to qualify for the final stage.


In contrast to other maps filled with obstacle courses, this map is more like a survival round, so players aim to rank first by standing till last. There are several floors made up of tiles, shaped like honeycombs. When a participant steps on these tiles, they turn red and disappear after a second so you have to be quick-witted all the time to stay in the competition.

Tile Fall

In this particular arena you will encounter a bridge of yellow tiles that can be fake and fall if you don’t choose the right path. Although it seems to be easy to cross this bridge by simply running over them in speed and slide in air to cover maximum distance. However, you have no idea which tile can fall when stepped on so how you can be the winner? Here, you need real time patience and have a sharp eyes to watch out your competitors how they are proceeding and follow their footsteps to avoid falling and elimination.

Bot Bash

Bot Bash

This map mostly appears in the final round where only 8 contestants are on the field and struggling to survive till end. In this arena, there are electric robots that move in random directions and can cause elimination if the player collides with them. Robots move with different speed according to their colors, blue robot is consider as slowest, yellow robot moves with more speed while red one is the fastest. There will also be spouts of high-pressure paint launched in three different directions, and anyone who touches any of them will most likely be eliminated.

Cannon Climb

Cannon climb

A multitude of obstacles and hurdles will be present in this arena, including spinning hammers, bumpy barriers, and the most dangerous cannon balls fired from cannons on the edges. You will constantly be pushed back by gigantic balls and resisted in advance by cannons that are mounted on the edges. There are some obstacles that are useful to take advantage of, such as bumpy poles, if you let them hit them at the right angle. So, the key to success in this round is well execution of your movement and take the lead.

Final words

How confident are you that you can win on these new Stumble Guys maps? To claim the winning prizes, you have to be sharp as a needle; there are several rounds with varying hardships testing your skills and experience. This is enough for now; keep an eye out for any updates, and let us know if you have any questions or queries. Stay tuned for any update of Stumble guys new maps. In the end, the Stumble Guys Hot Wheels partnership achieved its objectives to provide players with a fresh, innovative experience, and to enable community members to connect.  Hopefully, this article will be valuable in your eyes and allow you to aware of the latest updates. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are approximately 26 maps that player can encounter in Stumble Guys with different set of challenges and hurdles.

We have concluded based on the review stats report that these are the 5 maps that received the most feedback from the stumble community.
1- Hot wheels
2-Block Dash
3-Paint splash
4-Honey Drop
5-Space Race

There is no doubt that block dash ranks as the toughest survival round since it usually appears in the final elimination round with a lot of bizarre obstacles and hardships.

With the release of Stumble Guys Hot wheels a drastic growth has been noticed in the downloads of Stumble Guys and Stumble guys x hot wheels become one of the most popular map in Stumble Guys.

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