How to Get Free Tokens in Stumble Guys 2024

In Stumble Guys game, Tokens are second most used in game currency after gems to upgrade your character abilities and skills. They can be used to unlock various exclusive items like special skins or costumes. Players are eagerly seeking to discover how to get free tokens in Stumble Guys but haven’t found a reliable shortcut yet. Curious to find out? Right below, we’ve spilled the beans on how to get those free tokens without breaking the bank.

Tokens are like game rewards you earn by performing well in Stumble Guys, logging in every day, or completing in-game tasks. These tokens are like a special currency you can spend in the game’s store. With them, you can buy cool things to jazz up your experience, like fancy looks for your characters, fun extras, and other cool stuff. While they don’t change how the game works, they make it more fun and personalized.

Every player wants to come up with more attractive and powerful skin to portray a unique and influential image over other contestants. It’s only possible to get these premium content in the game if your account is filled with enough gems and tokens. Are you excited to collect stumble guy tokens in order to unlock these features?

Although many Stumblers think that there is no way to get tokens for free in Stumble Guys we have tested all the methods of getting free Stumble Guys tokens in detail below. Yes, these methods seem annoying and will consume some of your time but you can get your desired skin without paying a single penny from your pocket. Isn’t it great? With these tokens, you are able to unlock epic skins, legendary skins, rare skins, special skins, and mythic skins.

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Free Ways to Get Stumble Guys Tokens

These tokens are commonly used to unlock skins and the minimum number of tokens to unlock the epic skin is 35, more tokens will be required depending on the specialty and rarity of the skins. Moreover, Stumble Guys tokens are also used to purchase tickets to enter a special event in Stumble Guys. Therefore, the main query that users search the most is how to get free tokens in Stumble Guys. Below we have discussed some free ways to get tokens in Stumble guys.

  • The first Option through which you can get free Stumble Guys tokens is through the Free Stumble Pass in which you have to participate in most of the events. The more often you play this game the faster your stumble pass level will increase and the more tokens you will earn. However, remember you have to reach the minimum 26 levels of Stumble pass before the season pass ends to collect 30 tokens.
  • This is the most easy and simple way of earning Stumble tokens. You have to spin the lucky wheel and win a random quantity of tokens. You can spin this wheel after every 15 minutes by watching ads. Fortunately, the chances of getting tokens are 25% in a single try so this is a good option to win maximum gems.
  • Stumble Guys has a referral program where you can earn tokens for referring your friends to the game. If your friend signs up and completes a certain number of challenges, you will both earn tokens.
  • Follow the official Stumble Guys social media accounts. Developers may occasionally run promotions or giveaways that provide players with free tokens.
  • If you get a skin that you already own in any way, whether through the lucky wheel or stumble pass, you will be rewarded with tokens. Suppose you already have Mr. Beast skin and you spin a lucky wheel and win Mr. Beast skin again now random tokens are given to you in exchange.
  • The last method is only for those players who consider themselves as pro players and have already won each map of stumble guys. In this Option, players have to participate in different tournaments by spending gems and get free 30 stumble tokens once win the match.

Please let us know if you have liked this article and I hope now you have got your answer on how to get free tokens in Stumble Guys. Also, check our rest of the posts it will definitely help you improve your gameplay and performance. Do let us know if you have any questions related to this game we will try our best to answer your query.

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