Games Similar to Stumble Guys

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If we take into account games like Stumble Guys which is a fun multiplayer online racing game in which several players gather on the field of play and pass through various obstacle courses to win prizes. It is a battle royale survival game where players struggle to be the last ones in the battle to achieve maximum gems.

Let’s have a look at the gameplay of Stumble Guys so that we can relate games similar to Stumble Guys easily. As you know, Stumble Guys seems to have a fun yet challenging gameplay in which the player enters an endless race with other players to escape through numerous hurdles and obstacles in order to qualify for the next round. This keeps the competition alive, intense, and enjoyable.

Stumble guys vs Fall guys

Here, we have provided you with a list of games like Stumble Guys.

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • Lol
  • Gang beasts
  • Human: Fall flat
  • Scribble Rider
  • Run Race 3D

6 Best Games like Stumble Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

It is a multiplayer racing game where 60 participants compete in a series of mini-games and obstacle courses. Players fight in a fierce battle to qualify and keep themselves safe from elimination. What kind of hardship can one face in mini-games? There are a few tasks in mini-games like survival rounds, and team clashes that require teamwork and strategy to reach the next level. Furthermore, you can customize your character by unlocking the paid attributes with the game currency that you earned through winning different contests. Probably you have seen a competition between Stumble guys and Fall guys because of their similar gameplay and features. If you are willing to know about the differences and similarities between these two popular games you can check out our article on Stumble guys vs Fall guys.

fall guy


It is an online multiplayer racing game inspired by the popular game Fall Guys, in which players gathered on the battlefield and push to avoid elimination and remain in the competition. It has more or less similar gameplay to Stumble Guys, where players are thrown into a random map full of challenges and obstacle courses. To claim the winning prize, participants have to hustle and use various strategies and tricks to dominate the tournament. It is a qualifying sport where the runners with bad performances will get eliminated from the contest and the rest will qualify for the next round.

Human: Fall flat

It is a physics-based game where players control and navigate a wobbly and surreal character named Bob through a variety of environments and puzzles. Players have to surpass moving and swinging barriers and jump to solve the puzzle. In addition to the regular game mode, the game also offers a co-op mode that allows players to work together to solve puzzles, both locally and online.

Gang beasts

In this silly multiplayer brawler, players control colorful, wobbly characters that fight against each other in a variety of tasks and challenges. By using strategy and timing, players can knock their opponents out of the ring or off a platform through grabs, punches, and throws.

Scribble Rider

This physics-based racing gameplay involves controlling wobbly characters on bikes as they race through various courses. The graphics in the game are designed to look like hand-drawn doodles to give the game a playful and unique appearance. Contestants have to overcome various obstacles, like ramps, hills, and jumps, that is drafted to act as hindrances in their way. Moreover, modification of your character is also offered to keep it more entertaining and appealing.

Run Race 3D

It is another entertaining game in which players have to dive into a series of obstacles and surpass them to reach the finish line. What you can do to get ahead of your fellow competitors is jump, twist, and turn to move with good momentum. This game has simple and easy controls that make it easier to play the game with full dedication and focus. Once you have won the contest, this game will reward you with coins and gems that you can use to unlock new maps and exclusive features.

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