Stumble Guys x MrBeast Collaboration Brings Special Battle Pass

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The Publisher of Stumble Guys has announced a partnership with the leading light of Youtube holding the record of most subscribers, known as MrBeast. We all have seen that the developer keeps on updating Stumble Guys to bring some new content by collaborating with several big names like Hot Wheels, Barbie, and now MrBeast. Getting renowned brands involved is a key aspect of the game’s success, which attracts new users and increases the fan base. In this article, we have covered all the new releases of Stumble Guys x MrBeast so don’t forget to read all about this epic collaboration.

Before discussing Stumble Guys x MrBeast, let’s talk about who is MrBeast. Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber who has over 168M subscribers. He is among the most subscribed content creator with millions of fan followers on YouTube. This announcement comes just after Scopely added Stumble Guys to Xbox in order to add more users to this hilariously fun game.

MrBeast Warehouse

It is reported to have said by Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast “I chose to collaborate with ‘Stumble Guys’ because the game is the perfect platform to serve as a canvas for my creativity and bring custom-created MrBeast experiences to both of our communities. I can’t wait to see players try to survive the new courses, which include all the larger-than-life, unbelievable, and uplifting moments that are part of everything we do at MrBeast.”

What are the new features that come into this collab? As part of this partnership, exciting new content is being added to the game. As stated by the Scopely, a number of new levels, skins, emotes, animations, and more are included in this update. Moreover, users will encounter totally unique and hilarious challenges that are specifically designed by MrBeast to make the competition intense. It keeps the players thrilled and excited about what challenges are going to be launched at the new level.

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New In-Game Features of Stumble Guys x MrBeast

With this partnership, multiple levels will be available with unique obstacle courses that will test the skills of players. Among them, the first map to be introduced will be MrBeast warehouse, with his signature oversized sets and jaw-dropping obstacle courses, the show is sure to blow you away. Are you excited to survive these crazy challenges? MrBeast himself designed these levels to keep the contest interesting and entertaining, and all fans are anticipating what kind of new challenges they will face. What new content you’re about to witness!

  • New Map: MrBeast Hideout, a new map is expected to add which featured MrBeast’s iconic logo and unseen absurd challenges.
  • Stumble Guys x MrBeast Skins: Also, new skins are added to the folder which are defining the creativity of MrBeast and anyone can unlock them through in-game currency.
  • New Stumble Pass with MrBeast: Download the latest version of Stumble Guys to checkout the MrBeast Stumble Pass. It is the season of the Beast, must checkout if you to amazed yourself with the exclusive content.
  • Stumble Guys MrBeast Emotes and Animations: It is obvious that the players are curious to use the new emotes and animations created by MrBeast to celebrate their victories.
  • New Competition: MrBeast also hosted a competition on his YouTube channel, where fans could compete to win a prize pool of $100,000. The competition involved playing Stumble Guys on a custom server that featured all of the new content from the collaboration.
Stumble Guys x MrBeast skins

It is certain that this collaboration will rock the gaming community and that Scopely’s promotional initiative will undoubtedly expand the Stumble Guys community with new fans. Due to his expertise and creativity, MrBeast will come up with something innovative that players will never experience before. Social accounts of Stumble Guys like Facebook and Twitter are flooded with enthusiastic comments and messages following the announcement of Stumble Guys collaboration with the most successful content creator.

Jamie Berger, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Stumble Guys at Scopely, shared this statement about this alliance, “Our expansive partnership with Jimmy and the entire MrBeast team is a testament to our belief in delivering bold, innovative, and fun content collaborations with beloved talent and brands to our players. Stumblers love MrBeast and his over-the-top content and challenges, which are a perfect fit to bring into the world of ‘Stumble Guys.’ We hope our MrBeast-created experiences will excite our amazing community and welcome new fans to the party.”

This is the best opportunity for the game developer and Content creators to produce hallucinogenic gameplay using their creative skills and mindset. Fans are anxious to experience the wacky challenges and unlock Stumble Guys x MrBeast’s new characters, creative emotes, and footsteps. A few images and trailers of Stumble Guys x MrBeast have been posted on their social platforms, and thousands have appreciated them for this.

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